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  • JasonC
    One of our DNS servers (Win2003) is also setup as a time server. Even though we have our DHCP server handing out the time server address, I noticed sometimes we have to manually program in the time server's IP address.

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  • eazeaz

    I have noticed that if my time server isn't available when the phone boots, that they do not appear to ever get the correct time.

    So purely a guess (and not backed up by anything), I think they pull time at bootup and that is it. Shoretel may think that clock drift isnt enough to regularly go check for updated time..........

    I have had phones with incorrect date/times for days before until a reboot of the phone itself.

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  • acole10000
    started a topic SNTP time sync interval

    SNTP time sync interval

    Does any one know how often or at what interval the phones go out to the SNTP server to sync time?