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  • Systemwide Speed Dial

    Is there a way to set up a systemwide speed dial key combination? Example: on our old NEC system we could dial ##54 from any phone and it would dial our branch office.

    Would a simple Route Point be the best method of accomplishing this?
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    Hi, do you have answer for your question? Thanks, HowYee


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      Route point would be the way to go.


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        Hi Dave, can you tell how to translate eg. ##54 to a number, eg. 5467334 using route point?


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          You cannot. Use a regular extension without any special characters like #'s.


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            What I had done for one company that already had speed dial numbers, is create System Directory entries where the first name is a speed dial number. To dial, you would press the directoy button, then type in the number, like 54 for example. The number, with its name would appear 1st on the list. This woud also appear in the Shoretell call manager.

            For one number you could use an extension, such as a route point or forwarded extension. It would have to be the same number of digits as the other extension.