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  • Shoretel 6.1 to 7.5 upgrade question

    I will be upgrading out 6.1 system to 7.5 tonight. Is anyone aware of any gotchas? I have a remote site with a slow link. Instead of doing the http:\\hqservername\shorewarediredctor\clientinsta ll, can I copy the install file to the remote DVM ahead of time and just run the exe. Does anyone have the procedure for this?

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    When you downloaded ST7.5, you should have received it as a ZIP file. Just unzip it locally and copy over the 'Shoreware Call Manager' folder to the remote server, share the folder and run the EXE locally.

    You can copy over the DVM exe file too. When you go to http:\\<server name>\shorewaredirector\remoteinstall , click on 'Save' (instead of 'Run') and run the EXE file after its downloaded.


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      How did your upgrade go? I'll be doing the same in a few weeks. Any gotcha's or words of wisdom?