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  • multiple digits in auto attendant

    In one auto-attendant menu I have to have a list with 12 choices - each choice should point to one user's extension. Having 9 would be fine and easy since we all have 9 digits on our telephone's dials BUT I need 12. How do I do it? Is it possible - if yes how do I do it, if not is there a work-around?

    I tried playing wit multiple digits but it got me nowhere. THANK YOU in advance


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    Ok, I think I understand what you are doing here..
    Here is what you need to do:

    Setup an AA, lets call it "1014"
    Setup a second AA, lets call it "1015"

    In AA 1014, RECORD a greeting with all your destinations, option 2 through option 13.

    In AA 1014, setup destination 1 to "goto menu 1015" setup the reset of your destinations starting with button 2 through button 9:

    For Bill Smith press 2.
    For John Smith press 3.
    For John Doe press 9.
    For Jane Doe press 10.
    For Alex Smith press 11.

    In menu 1015, finish programming transfer destinations for options 1, 2, and 3.

    In this way, when the person presses 11 to go to Alex, it will forward to menu 1015 and select option 1. When they press 12, it will goto meny 1015 and selct option 2..

    The ShoreTel system is fast enough, it will keep up with you.

    Does that work for you?


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      Just want you to know that if this works, it is a brilliant solution. Nice job.