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  • Dropping Calls when Transfering

    Hey All,

    I'm a new user to Shoretel so bare with me. I'll explain my situation we have here. We have a Shoretel in Pittsburgh and a Shoretel in Columbus and we have our service going over SIP Trunks from Global Crossing.

    When Columbus calls Pittsburgh and we go to Transfer that call out the transfer works fine. Now when Pittsburgh or any area for that fact calls Columbus and they go to transfer that call out, the call drops.

    Has anyone heard of this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Could this be another case of the "Trunk to Trunk" transfer permission not being set?

    If columbus doesnt have that right the calls would drop I believe.


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      Where would I find this feature at.

      Thanks for your help. Like I said I am new at this equipment.



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        Trunk to Trunk

        it is in Shoreware Director

        Class of Service
        Telephony Features Permissions

        I suspect that your users at the location with the issue have a different "Features Pemissions" assigned to them, possibly one that does not include the trunk to trunk transfer permission?

        you can pull up a user at the problem site, look at what "user group" they are in. Pull up that user group and see what COS - permissions they have assigned.



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          Both locations Trunk to Trunk Transfers are all set in all Permissions. Funny how calling from Pit to Col. it fails when you hit a transfer or even a hold button we found out BUT calling from Col. to Pit it works. We've been through both configs and they are identicle. Global Crossing say when we go to hit transfer that they see no codec so global drops the call. We can't figure out where the codec of the call is dropping off. Global say not them, or is the Siperator or the ShoreTel.

          Thanks for your insight though.



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            VERY strange that the call drops when put on hold. Jlorenz here worked tech support for shoretel for a while. He may have some more advanced ideas for you.

            good luck


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              Trunk to trunk is enabled is enabled in the COS, but if you have two sites (Both with Application Servers) you need to look at a couple of areas.

              Open Director go to Application Servers
              Click on the HQ server or Headquarters or whatever you called your server(s)
              Go to Assigned User Group: and make not of what User Group your using (Default is Voice Mail Notification)

              If you have a 2nd Application server check the same area there and make note of what Assigned User Group: is used

              If you only have on application server then just check the one

              Got to Users > (USER GROUP NOTED IN STEPS ABOVE)
              for example lest say it is Vmail notification
              Open user Group > COS Class of Service Telephony
              Make sure the following are check
              Allow trunk to Trunk Transfer
              Allow External Call Forwarding and Find Me Destinations (Needed)
              Allow External Extension Reassignment (Only if oyu use Office anywhere Check it anyway)

              Now make sure the user or your default user group the employees use have the same options checked in that User Group COS.

              That should take care of any issue "if it is" related to Trunk to trunk.

              Not knowing what your entire setup is, Aka if you have DVM.s a T1 at one site or is global crossing your onely inbound outbound at one site?

              Calls dropping on Hold was a bug what build of Software are you using on ST? Need Build aka xx.xx.xxxx.x