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  • phone provisioning strategy best practices

    Hello all,

    We are small but growing company that currently has Shoretel gear and are slowing rolling out phones to new and existing branch offices. Is there a white paper anywhere that describes best practices when it comes to provisioning new phones.

    For example: we already use 4 number extension dialing (based on the last four numbers of their DID) between offices that already utilize Shoretel phones. As we add more offices or start up new offices, and add new phone number blocks, how can we manage these numbers, so that there are no collisions between multiple users' extensions?

    I hope I'm making sense...


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    If these are new office's, you can work with the telco when getting new DID's. You'd have to compile a list of your current suffix's, and submit them to the telco, and they should be able to come up with new DID's that don't over lap.

    If these are existing office's with existing numbers, overlapping suffix's may not be avoidable without changing the user's number.

    Sometimes I may just match up the last 3 or 2 digits of the extension to the DID.
    For example 214-555-7857 may be extension x2857 or x2057.

    When you have 100's of number's, it easy to match DID's to extension, but once you get in the 1000's, it get's a little harder.


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      Not sure if this is a solution for you, but in ST 8, they have on-net dialing. Long term we will have 30 remote locations and decided not to go this direction, but for you it may work well.

      Basically, it let's you have the same extension at different sites. To call site to site, you need to dial a "site" or "net" number before the extension.

      Site A: On-Net # 4
      User 1 ext. 1234
      User 2 ext. 1235

      Site B: On-Net # 9
      User 3 ext. 1234
      User 4 ext. 1240

      If user 1 wants to call user 2, they would just dial 1235 (same site/net.) If user 1 wanted to call user 3 or 4 however, they would dial 9-1234 or 9-1240.