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  • Shoretel Call Manager / 2 separate networks


    I'm hoping someone can help me to find a solution to this issue. I'm new to Shoretel, so if I'm missing anything, please let me know.

    We have two separate networks

    DATA =
    VOIP =

    The Shoretel server has two NIC's. One NIC is on the VOIP (shoretel) network as, the second NIC is on the data network as Whenever managers are installing the shoretel call manager, they enter the shoretel server as They get data, and all is happy. However, we discovered that we're not seeing any of the calls in the queues.

    Doing a little snooping, we're seeing the Call Managers attempting to make connections to, instead of connecting to the address. For testing purposes, I added a route on our firewall to forward traffic with a DST of to, and low and behold it all works now.

    While this works, this isn't really a solution we're looking for. This is more like a bandaid for the time being. Can anyone please advise of any place to look to find the settings for this? I'd like the call managers to pull all data from, and not revert back to try to get data from

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Well, the verdict is in. Shotetel support says that Shoretel only supports one IP.. so it won't work.

    As a workaround I added a route on our firewall to point all traffic destined for the host, to goto, and it all seems to work well.

    Thanks anyway.. and I hope this information helps someone else in the future.


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      Just out of curiosity, why the two NIC's? I'm not sure I see the value in having two NIC's and two paths to the server? Are you using a Layer 2 VLAN instead of Layer 3?


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        two nics is usually a bad idea. A Router should handle traffic between the two networks.


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          I am under the impression that Shoretel servers, once installed register the mac address of 1 of the 2 mac addresses and will only use the one.

          Here I believe is the reasoning.

          License Control adds enforcement and branding to the ShoreTel product and provides
          tighter enforcement (via MAC address-based node locking) on existing licensing.


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            You really shouldn't have two NICs to do this. Your inter-vlan routing needs to be handled by a layer 3 switch.