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  • Shoretel Call Manager network traffic

    I am having an issue with the shoretel call manager creating excess traffic during off hours.

    The shoretel call manager runs off TAPI. The TAPI runs off the service Telephony. This is used so the server can communicate with the call manager.

    Here is my problem:
    I help support stores around our city that use a VPN connection to connect back to our HQ. I noticed that during the off hours the workstations are sending traffic to our shoreline server, its enough traffic to get me concerned, because it is slowing down the network for our remote users, who VPN into work. First we tried having all the stores log out of there machines, so it would close the shoretel call manger. Well that didn't work, now I am looking at the services, why they wont shutdown when you log out of the workstation.

    I don't want to have to shutdown those PC's everyday, for them to stop communicating with the shoreline server.

    My questions:
    I have been looking, are there any other services that the call manager uses?
    Why would these services not close when you are logged out of Windows?

    Any help would be appreciated!