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  • Switch ring tone on 110 or 115 phone

    I see that you can load custom ring tones on these and all other IP phones, however, I am just looking for the way to activate one of the four ring tones already available. On any other phone, the user has an "options" button on their phone and can change it that way, but the 110 and 115 don't have this, so how do we select which ring tone to use?

    I tried via the Shoreware Director, but I didn't find any options. I tried via the user portion of the director (the web access page for users) but again, no option. I tried via the options available in the voice mail, but again, no luck.

    I searched on the KB of Shoretel, and the only thing I came up with (besides how to load *custom* tones) was this line...

    "Note: IP110/210 users do not have an Options button and thus must ask their system administrator for assistance in activating any new custom ring tones."

    So this tells me that there should be away that I can select ring tone 2, or 3, or 4, but I don't know how?

    Any ideas?

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    Found a solution

    Okay, found a solution. Not ideal but at least it works.

    We had a 115 user assign their extension to a 230 phone. Once assigned, we went into the "options" section of the phone and choose ring tone 2. We then un-assigned the phone from the 230 and back to their 115 phone. The 115 phone now rings with ring tone #2 instead of ring tone #1.

    Wow, you'd think they could just add this as an option on the users web access page of the shoreware director, or within the personal options page of the director.


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      The ring tome setting is on the personal options page (in Shoretel 7 at least). It is the 5th line down labeled ring type.

      Here's a pic.

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