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  • IP530 Not downloading config file

    First let me say that this is a great forum for ShoreTel newbies such as myself. I have a alot of Cisco and Avaya experience, but I really like this ShoreTel platform and want to learn more about it. Great posts everywhere on here.

    My problem: I have a demo system running 11.6.3813.0 code, i have 1 IP100 (dont laugh) and 2 IP530 phones. The IP100 works fine with the system, the 2 IP530 phones will contact the server but not download the config file. When I look in the Director, I only see the IP100 phone. I can ping the IP530 phones when they are set to static and/or DHCP. Everything is on the same lAN segment as well. I am using a Windows 2003 server. There is nothing wierd in the event logs to indicate an issue. Any thoughts before i go buy ShoreTel support?

    Shoreware Server- All GREEN in QUICK LOOK
    ShoreGear 40/8- All GREEN in QUICK LOOK
    IP100- - Logged into the system, can access trunks and make and take calls
    IP530- No service- Download shore_s2.txt failed
    IP530- No service- Download shore_s2.txt failed

    Cisco 2950 Switch-
    Router- Default gateway for LAN

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    Did you set option 156 in your DHCP?


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      Yeah Option 156 is set. it almost seems like the phone isn't making the connection to the ShoreWare Server to pull down the configs, becuase the infom on the phone shows IP addresses for wierd devices not on our subnet.

      I wonder is there a way to factory reset a IP530?


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        Are there IP ports free on the switch?
        There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that donít.


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          Assuming your switch does in fact have available IP phone capacity, it sounds to me like the phone was probably used on a different LAN at one time and you need to reset all values so the IP 530 can grab an IP from your DHCP server. Soon after power is applied to the phone the display will read:
          * = . # = ok"
          (I don't have a phone with me right now, but it's something close to that)
          As long as the phone wasn't on a Shoretel system where the default password had been changed, just enter 1234# and follow the prompts to reset all the values.

          The phone will reboot after you've answered all the prompts and it will then look for a 'fresh' ip from your DHCP server rather than the server it used to obtain its IP from.

          Hope this helps.


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            Ftp Issue Found

            Looks like the FTP services on the server needed to be reinstalled, for some strange reason, the anonymous selection was not sticking. Thanks for the feedback on this issue.

            I think we are going to like this ShoreTel integration business here in North Carolina.