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  • Server is not available

    After a recent crash and restore of our shoretel server I have been having a problem. When we try and access any advanced features from our phones (such as options, speed dial, mode, etc...) I receive the error "The server required for this operation is not available." All basic functions and voicemail work and I can access all of the advanced functions through the ShoreTel call manager, like changing the mode, but it will not work from the phone itself.

    Any suggestions are appriciated.

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    Look in the Application Log of your server.. Do you have any Red or Yellow errors recently?

    In the absence of any errors, restart the ShoreTel IPDS Service (IP Phone Display Service).

    If you do have some red or yellow errors, what are they?


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      We've experienced this problem with our V switches. We've seen it on both a 50V and a 90V (version 9.1 - Build 14.22.2904.0). For no apparent reason, we are having users in a particular office report that when they press the directory button, they receive a "Server is not available". We also seem to have issues with the Mode button and our receptionist reported trouble with paging.

      We've tried restarting the IPDS service on the Shoreware Director server, but some of this functionality seems to be handled by the V switch itself. And since the problem is isolated to a particular office, that makes sense.

      The only solution we've reliably had is to restart the V switch, which is not very convenient.

      So I have a couple of questions/comments:

      1) Has anyone else experienced this problem?
      2) Is there a way to restart services on the V switch itself? If not, there should be.
      3) Which services specifically are handled by a V switch and which are still handled by the Shoreware Director? I know voicemail is on the V switch, but what else?