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  • Dialing problem

    Hi All,

    If we dial any number shoretel add '0' before every number i want to remove it how can i do it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Make sure you don't have "0" in the prepend dial out prefix in the trunk group.


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      Hi ,

      Thanks! for the reply.

      There is no '0' digit added in 'Prepend Dial Out Prefix'.


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        Can you explain what you mean? Where are you seeing this 0? Does the call still connect?


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          Hi Palitto,

          In India all cell numbers are 10 digit numbers starting with 9. When the users call cell number, they dial direct 10 digit numbers. For long distance cell numbers, 0 is added before calling 10 digit cell number. However ShoreTel system adds 0 to all cell numbers.

          Is it possible to make ShoreTel not add extra 0 while dialing cell numbers?

          The PSTN lines connected on SG-90 are from AirTel (service provider).

          Thanks! in advance.


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            Well I have never done an install in India but hopefully I can help...

            First what version of Shoretel are you on? And how are you dialing the numbers (on the phone or via Call Manager)?

            So here in the U.S I would look at the local area code table (if you have that type of thing) and the truck digit manipulation settings. Basically you need to "tell" the Shoretel system what is a local cell number and what is a long distance. Don't be afraid to play with the settings. Take a screen shot of the settings before you start so you can get them back to where they are! Make a change then test. Once you find a setting that works make sure you can dial other numbers! Sometimes when you get one thing working it affects another.

            You may need a custom dialing string from Shoretel TAC to accomplish what you are trying to do. Can you get me a screen shot of your trunk group? That might help determine how to fix the problem.