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  • PCM will not connect to server

    The problem occurs when trying to set up a new phone with Call Manager(CM) or changing the extension associated with CM. If the new “Client User ID”(CUID) is in the range of 4501-4599 which are the extensions at that location the CM will not connect to the server. Changing the CUID to any other number or name still does not work.

    If you create the user with a CUID from a different range of numbers from a different site (6800-6999 or 8800-8900) and an extension from that range the CM will connect. You can then change the extension to a 4500 extension and the CM will work properly. In order for this to work the CUID must not be changed.

    We have tried multiple fixes including reinstalling CM (of course making sure it is the most updated version), rebooting the switches and server at that location, and replacing the PC that the problem was occurring on.

    This is obviously a muti-site install. Shortel 7.5