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  • Softphone issue for remote users

    Hi All,

    I am really excited to be here and to find such an excellent forum on Shortel. I am fairly new to Shoretel and I work with an excellent engineer, but he is out today and not available by phone or email.

    Here is the setup:
    Users are remote and use a VPN client to login and use PCM for making there calls. We also have external assignment setup to call there 800 number when they dial out, so that when they pick up the phone it completes the call to the outside person. When dialing out of the PCM the call goes from the server fine to their phone, but when their phone rings and they pick it up the call immediately hangs up and the call never completes. I have never heard of this in my life, so any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Take care,


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    Have the admin of the system check the voicemail notification user group and see which telephony feature class of service and verify the allow tunk to trunk transfer is checked.

    This should fix your issue.