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  • Transfer to voice mail from 110 or 115 phones?

    Is it possible to transfer a call to the voice mail box of another user via a 110 or 115 phone (without the call manager that is)? I have searched the forum's and only found the solution for 230 and up phones. The Shoretel KB's don't seem to mention a way either.

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    Xfer user to Voice mailbox on Ip110 IP115 IP212

    Rob cant be done at this time you will need CM


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      Actually we do it in our office. We used to have a Nortel Meridian Mail that had a feature called Express Messaging - in order to duplicate that on the ShoreTel system, we created an Auto Attendant (for example ours is 8100) with the only option being Multiple Digits = Take a Message. We also imported a wav file w/250ms of silence (which I can email you if necessary). So to transfer a caller directly into someone else's mailbox from a phone, you simply press transfer, dial the AA # (ie 8100), then enter the mb# of the desired person & hang up. Works great!


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        Thank you so much, that is a wonderful idea! I already have the "silence" the wav file as well. Too bad they don't just have a checkmark in the AA's to NOT play a greeting at all.