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  • Paging Using ShoreTel System

    Is anyone paging using your ShoreTel system? I'd like to know how many phones I can set up as a paging system?

    Thank you.

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    Thats a loaded question.

    For Paging on the Phones: According to documentation, the max is upwards of 100...BUT the reccomendation is to keep it under 16. Also, are you talking about paging across sites? Paging is sent from server to EVERY phone as an individual stream, so 1 page to 16 phones = 16 streams = BANDWIDTH ISSUES!!!

    There is a great APP Note on paging out there. I highly suggest you read it before moving forward.

    For paging on the paging port on the switch, it's much simpler. Single zone, needs to connected to an amplified speaker and enabled.

    In newer versions, the paging port can be included in the paging groups.



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      That really is a loaded question. It seems that as the software versions have gone up, so has the number of phones you can get a reliable page out of.

      We are a single site with about 160 phones and all are set to page. With version 6.1 and 7, it seemed to be pretty random and unreliable. Pages would reach phones at different times and you'd get this crazy echo effect... some phones would stay off hook after the page blaring out a dial tone once the page ended.

      With 7.5 you can page all the phones, but it gets to be really confusing because while the audio hits all phones at the same time, it comes out of the speakers about 20 seconds after you start speaking.

      Hopefully that helps.


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        Thanks guys, we really need to page and we'd like to leverage the investment in our phones, but I've heard about all this crazy delay. I'd like to pick 14-16 phones around the building, identify them as paging phones, and get something useable short term IF its functional.

        The next question is how can I make a phone a paging station and how do I initiate a page to them as a group? Out of my league without some documentation.


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          On the ShoreTel website there is a correction to the paging usage in alarts (You need Enterprise log in to get)
          to summarize

          Point one is no more the 20 users in a single Page group

          Point two is never place users across sites in a single page group

          Point three is to remove all unneeded phones form groups (i.e. Hall, Kitchen, Lobby)