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  • Random phone blackouts

    We occasionally will have phones reboot as though they lost power from their adtran 1224 ST POE switches. It is not all the phones on the switch. Seems random. does this happen to anyone else. I am having a hard time determining if it is:

    The switch
    the phone
    the cabling

    How do you troubleshoot?

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    There is a known issue with certain adtran Poe switches that do exactly what you describe.

    You can call adtran and reference ticket number RQST00000976083.

    The command to fix is something very similar to (on 13.10 or higher)

    Switch# en 8
    Password: eng9638000
    Switch# tps program

    These commands will re-program the power delivery chip.

    I know there is some sort of typo in the above commands, I am just not in front of a netvanta to test. I would call support and reference the case number a fix before you move ahead.



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      Thanks for that tip, we have been chasing down the 'random phone reboot' issue for 2 years. I think you not only gave me the solution.. but the actual problem