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  • OldPhoneGuy
    We are currently running a couple dozen low usage IP110 wall phones (house phones, etc) over cat3 with the ports locked down to 10 MHz. Have had no complaints.

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  • eazeaz

    If you lock the ports down on the switches to 10MB you should be fine.

    I however, would not do it, except in emergency.

    having an additional cable run to each spot is really less expensive than one would think.

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  • travisbconley
    you physically can with some distance limitations, however it is not recommended. I do have 4 or 5 running in our offices where I just didn't want to have new cables pulled and for well over a year they have ran just fine.

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  • Plumcrazy09
    started a topic Shoretel phones using CAT 3 cabling?

    Shoretel phones using CAT 3 cabling?

    Anyone ever run your Shoretel phones over CAT 3 or does it require CAT 5? I have ours running over CAT 5 with the PC's connecting through the phones. The problem I'm having is we were sold Adtran 10/100 POE switches & this has now slowed down my gigabit PC's. We still have our old phone lines in all the offices which are CAT 3 & I tested it today with one IP230 phone and it connected and worked just fine.

    Can you run the IP phones on CAT3?