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  • Replicator Port Issue?

    We're running ShoreTel 7.5, Build 12.14.8701.0 and I've been having an issue with one workstation; I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have a user that has a DELL Latitude D630 that is attached to a replicator port and usually once, sometimes twice a day he seems to lose communication over his headset. The call doesn't get dropped but he can no longer hear and they can't hear him and he needs to restart his PC. The headset is a JABRA GN9350. I only have this issue with the one station and he is the only one using a replicator port so that is why I am drawing the association between the two. Assuming that it is the replicator port I can just unplug the laptop from it, despite the inconvenience and that may solve the problem but is there anything else it may be that I am overlooking? Has anyone else had this issue while using a replicator port on a laptop? Note: There isnít a phone on the desk my users are, for the most part, using only headsets plugged directly into their PCís via USB.

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    I would remove the replicator from the equation as a test and see if the problem goes away. Are they using the USB port on the replicator or on the laptop itself? Could be as simple a solution as moving the headset to one or the other.