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  • External access to Voicemail

    How can I set up a voice mail access number to allow people at home to dial in to get their voicemails?

    I am running 7.5

    John Marshall

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    John the best way to do this is to assign a DID number to an AA. Make sure the AA has the # key set to go to voice mail log in. As a best practise all AA should have a uniformed key sequence to check voice mail and to use the spell by name directory (dont make each AA diferent). - drvoip


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      Is there any other way to do this? Such a number they dial from outside that does not require them to press #, it just automatically goes to the voicemail login? I tried assigining the extension 1102 (our voicemail) to an auto attendent and using an available DID number, but it said the extension was in use when I pressed ok. The extension it was referring to was the voicemail extension I believe, because the DID number i gave it was not in use.


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        Create the AA.
        Set a timeout of 500ms
        Set the timeout destination as a menu and select "Voicemail Login" as the menu.
        Record a prompt on the AA consisting of silence. This is to over ride the default prompt which is played when there is no prompt recorded.

        You should now be able to call the AA and almost immediately hear "Thank you for calling.... please enter your extension number"


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          Thank you, this worked perfectly.