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  • ShoreTel Call Manager error when using Office 2003 SMB w/ Business Contact Manager

    When double clicking on a ShoreTel voicemail in my inbox I get the following error. If I right click the email and goto open, it opens the ShoreTel player and plays with no issues. I upgrade the Call Manager client to last night to (previously using 11.14.8802.0) hoping this would resolve the issue. I see an event in the event log saying it cannot write to the history file in the user's application data folder on her system, yet she has full permissions. I tried deleting this file and letting it recreate itself but this did not resolve the issue. No other users get this error, but then this is the only user who has the Business Contact Manager portion installed in Outlook (and she uses it)

    PS.. I had to downgrade her back down to ST 6.1 Build 11.14.8802.0 because I was seeing the following with the 12.x client
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