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    Hi Everyone - I'm the new IT Manager with a startup company and inherited the phone system. I was recently tasked with making quite a few changes. Most of them I was able to figure out on my own from previous experience with another system. My question probably has a simple answer. I need to know where and how to change the voicemail for our main greeting, afternoon greeting and holiday greeting. We currently have all these in place. Also, I want to make a change to the schedules but everytime I say ok to the active-x install with IE7 it closes the tab and fails. I turned off popup blocker and said ok from Shoretel. Any help would be appreciated.

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    you need to change the active -x settings on your browser. got to tools internet options then select the security tab. Select internet or local intranet which ever you want to adjust. then click the custom button . This is where you can adjust your controls and plug ins for your active -x issue.