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  • Call Manager (8) + Linux [Working]


    The title of this post is slightly deceving as PCM 8 does not work natively but is quite close.

    For all you Linux people out there PCM installs and runs quite well using Wine. For those that dont know what Wine is, please see their website. [] Wine does not support the function that allows PCM to connect to the shoretel server to pull credientials -- im still working on that part. The good news is that it runs!

    Vmware recently released a beta client with a feature called "Unity" Unity basicly allows you to run Windows applications without the X Gui. In other words, you can run Windows applications on the HOST without the standard windows GUI.

    Personally I think this is pretty neat so I figured I'd share and answer any questions about it...

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    Any luck with this?

    I've managed to get PCM running under wine but hit a road block at authentication "Encountered error while attempting to connect to server". Tried a few thing to limit it down and noticed that nothing was sent from the client. Not sure why but will dig a little deeper when I get a chance.

    Hopefully there's a Java based client or something on the way. I have a fair amount of users that are Linux & Mac. It would be a great help compared to using the web based.


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      I hope they get a Linux working as well. Had a few attempts getting it to work with Wine & Crossover to no avail.