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  • Silence on pickup

    I wondered if any one else has seen this behavior and been able to resolve it.

    Our operator has an extension in the mail room that can answer the operator console while she is away. It is a 230 with a monitored extension button programmed. Ever since we upgraded to Shoretel 7 and 7.5, when the incoming line rings and she picks it up from the monitor button, there is about 2 seconds of silence before she can actually hear the caller. If she speaks when the call is answered, they do not hear her until the couple of seconds has elapsed. This did not happen on the older versions and I had hoped 7.5 would clear it up but it didn't. Nothing really changed other than the upgrade. She and others get aggravated waiting on each call.

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    I would suggest that you have your cabling checked as well as checking the codec options in the sites menu.

    Is the phone on the same switch as the server? What speed is your backbone?


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      There was a bug that caused a delay in the call before one end could be heard. It wasn't really 2 seconds, more like 3/4 to 1 second.

      Sounds similar to what you have, what build are you on?

      The following defects have been corrected in ShoreTel 7.5 build 12.14.8701.0:

      1-26195948 IP560 phones delay RTP stream therefore clipping users first few words when they answer calls


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        We have now upgraded to 12.15.6700 and all is fine.

        And yes, it was more like 2 seconds, heard it myself.