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  • Transferring calls when multiples present

    I have a strange situation. Lets say caller 1 calls in and is answered. While on that call, caller 2 rings. Call 1 is placed on hold and call 2 answered. When the user goes to transfer call 2 to an extension, call 1 is actually transferred and call 2 remains on the operator's phone. This is happening regularly. The user says they have to complete the transfer process before any other calls come in or it is likely that one will be mis-transferred. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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    First, I assume the operator is using Call Manager to do the transfer.

    If that is the case, the call that is Highlighted in Call Manager is the one that will get transferred. What is likely happening is that the caller on hold is the one that is highlighted and therefore the one that gets transferred. If they first single click the caller they want to transfer, it should work fine.

    If they answer the second call by pressing the answer button on the phone rather than just double-clicking the incoming caller in call manager (which will put the other caller on hold automatically), it could leave the wrong caller highlighted.



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      One of our customers reported a similar problem which they said was random. I was not able to reproduce it.

      Caller 1 comes in and needs to be transfered. The user places the person on hold. Calls the new user to find out whether they are there or not and whether they want to accept the call.

      The problem is that while they are speaking to the second user the original caller (which was placed on hold) somehow gets included in the call.

      This is being done all with the telephone not call manager.


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        This was actually a knonw bug in older software

        What is you version of Shortel?

        Is the PCM the same version as the Heaquarters server?

        Upgrade inch:


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          They are using 7.5 12.14.1809