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  • Voice Mail not playing thru phone anymore

    I recently had to reinstall MS Outlook, and as a result of that, also reinstall Call Manager. Since then, I cannot play my messages over the phone. The Outlook form pops up and looks fine, but when I press the play button on the form, instead of playing my message, my phone rings and it now says "VM-Login" and displays my voice mailbox number.

    I thought maybe my VM password got out of sync, so I changed that (thru Call Manager), but it still won't play my message over the phone. And it's not particular to just this machine--my second system behaves the exact same way now. Ideas anyone?

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    Fixed! Or at least, understood. Coincidental to all this software fooferah, I also made a change in ShoreWare Director under Personal Preferences-->Automatic Off-hook Preference, where I switched from "Speaker" to "Wireless Headset". This (obviously) changes the way that the voicemail playback feature also works. Seem kinda obvious to me, now. But it had me scratching my head for quite a while as I'm very new to the ShoreTel system.