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  • Call Manager Download Problem

    We changed Dealers after some issues so I can't go back to them. The new dealer has not been able to get the old dealer to responfd to requests on where I can download the file from on our ShoreTell server. It all started because a problem arose (I can't remember what it was now) and I had to delete and then try to reinstall my Call Manager. I only have the information for a co-worker's install to download the file from our ShoreTell server. When I exchanged my Log-in name with their name, it doesn't work. Frustrated and impatient like I can get, I looked on the web and found a download site for the Call Manager program. When I click on the download button, an error box jumps up saing I am not an administrator or I need to set in my interenet connect to allow by a prompt the "download of Active X". I am both an administrator and my Active X download is allowed by prompt so why is the error message showing up? I guess I really don't care about why, just how can I get Call manager back on my computer, because I loved it when it was working right. I remember now why I was having a problem....when I started my computer it would not find the ShoreTell Server so there was a big Red X over the Server Icon. Help?

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    If you know the IP address of your shoreware server, then use the following URL
    http://<IP address of your shreware server>/shorewaredirector/clientinstall

    Remember that you need to have administrator rights to the PC in order for the install to run correctly.


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      another way around this is to load the Setup.exe locally on the machine.

      it will then ask you to "run" or "Save", Save it to your desktop, then "rightClick" on the "setup.exe" , Run as administrator.. This will allow you to install locally from your machine...
      You must be running Vista..

      This should work for you...