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  • Web based soft phone

    Have any of you tried using the web based soft phone available on your Shoretel server?

    http://[shoretel server name]/shorewaresoftphone/SoftPhone.asp

    Not sure if this has carried over into version 8 but it is there in 7.x.

    Anyway, if you have, do you know of a call recorder that would record the calls placed thru the web based softphone and auto split the call into multiple wav files?


    Wanted to add that this will work thru a VPN but does like IE over Firefox (haven't tried Chrome or Safari).
    Will try to dial an extension on the system only - but hope to figure out how to get around that as well.
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    I fired this up but couldn't get it to work. Neat idea, I had no idea it was there. Thanks for pointing out.

    I'm afraid I have no idea about call recording, since legal requirements force us to prevent that.