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  • reroute an inbound toll free number

    Good day all-

    We are relocating our HQ server this weekend but will need to be sure an off hours toll free number is answered. Are we able to simply use Director to change the destination of this particular toll free number (that has a particular incoming DNIS) from a time of day decision tree to an external cell phone number?

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    You need to have the telco do it for you

    The functionality you require will take a route point, which is hosted on the shoretel server. If you take down the server the route point also goes bye bye. Your best bet is to have the telco forward the number to a cell phone for you. Ask for a RCF -> remote call forward. Otherwise when the server goes down, you out of luck I am pretty sure. To be dead certain, set up the route point, set it to always forward to the number you want it to go to, and then call it and verify that it does so. Then turn off the server and try it again. I am 99.9% sure that when the server is off, your call forwarding will die. Telco can RCF it for you, but they usually require you to schedule it days or weeks in advance.



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      The telco option is probably the safest, but you could also just setup a user extension to forward to an outside number, and route the Toll-free to that number via DNIS.