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  • Newest Build of 8 minor upgrade issue

    We upgraded to 8.0 build 13.10.4203.0 last night.

    Upgrade went smoothly. We noticed that when you change your call handling mode it changes on the phone but not in the PCM. The PCM still shows the old call handling mode and never changes no matter what.

    We found that for whatever reason the PCM clients were not prompted/forced to upgrade versions. In every past upgrade, our PCM was prompted to update if out of date.

    I am not sure why we were not notified, or if this is by design since we were coming from a build of 8 already. I am sure the PCM changes are minor.

    Anyway, just something to watch out for. We normally push our client updates through active directory anyway. It would be nice though to be prompted when an update of the call manager is available/required.

    After the (manual) upgrade to the PCM, all is well again.

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    Did you notify the users of the update via the notify option?


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      We have a customer on 9403 that experiences that exact behavior... although it just started after a recent power outage.


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        Our user notify setting has not changed, the behavior has.

        Right or wrong, our current setting is to notify "anyone that has not already been notified".

        One would assume that if an upgrade was available that it would notify anyone that does not have the upgrade.

        I did a test notification to a "specific" user and it sent out an email to that user. It did not prompt for upgrade inside of the PCM.

        I am sure that I am probably not doing something right, but the behavior has indeed changed.

        We pushed the MSI via active directory and the "bug" is now corrected.

        In the past, you would open the PCM and it would damn near force you to upgrade.


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          I don't think it notifies the clients unless it is a mandatory upgrade for call manager i.e from 7 to 7.5 or 7.5 to 8. I think with most build updates CM updates are not required therefore it doesn't alert the user.


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            Skone is right, some updates do not require for a new PCM to be installed. Its optional.


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              I am all for the "optional" update with no notification. I guess my thought really was that the version I upgraded to *should* have been a mandatory upgrade. If you do not upgrade the PCM when you go from the version I was on to the version we upgraded to, it no longer functions correctly.

              optional upgrades should be limited to not having new features, etc.
              I am sure they just missed this "bug"