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  • Error recording calls w/ Shoretel 8

    I have a customer that is trying to record calls using a button on his 230 phone. The call is then sent to an administrator's mailbox. We have had terrible problems where the record button would return the message "The operation is not supported by the switch".

    The event ID produced is 1339.
    The error produced is:

    Switch Switch2: CALL_RECORD_STATUS: TSW_ERR_INVALID_CMD(-5), port=6, req_id=1073748987, req_type=1

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I've been seeing a few similar 1339 errors lately under 7.5 (12.14.8701.0), but mine are complaining about "invalid call party":

    Switch ShoreTel PRI: CALL_RECORD_STATUS: TSW_ERR_INVALID_CALL_PARTY(-37), port=20, req_id=1074698267, req_type=2

    There have been no complaints from users yet. I suppose my next step is to run a trunk report and find out what user(s) were using the trunks at the time the errors were logged. It could be something as simple as someone that doesn't have the right to record a call is attempting to do so.

    Your error seems a bit more ominous though with the "invalid command." Have you tried contacting ShoreTel Support?