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  • Time not correct on all phones

    I am a soon to be Shoretel administrator for the City of Delaware. The installation project is wrapping up, but the installer still has control of the system. What I am currently seeing is that some phones are showing the correct time after the change and some phones are not. It seems that the difference depends on which switch a phone is homed to ie all phones on thw City Hall switch have the correct time, but phones at the Fire station do not. The installer asked if there are any access lists blocking ports but, the City Hall Switch, Fire Station switch and Shoreware server are all in the same subnet. It would seem to me that a setting on the switch is incorrect. Would anyone have an idea of how to fix it, so I can tell our installer?

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    The phones get thier time through NTP. THe NTP address should be handed out through DHCP. Most of the time we would NTP off the local router and then have the router sync its time with a central time source.
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      While the phones get there time from the NTP server, they get there DST settings from there switch. The switch gets the DST settings from the shoretel server.

      I reccomend doing a reboot on that switch and phones at that site (after hours of course).