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  • STMapiRD.exe is taking 90-95% of CPU at startup

    and it takes 15-30 minutes to start up - very annoying to the user who can't use Outlook or CRM software during this time

    any suggestions?

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    Slow Startup

    Is your outlook in Online or Cached mode?

    Roughly how many contacts do you have total for this user (personal and public/shared)?

    15-30 minutes sounds like an unusually long time.

    I believe you are experiencing a delay while it imports contacts during startup. If you had a slow connection to the server, or a ton of contacts it would run slower.

    If there are multiple exchange servers in multiple sites, I have seen where the public folders had a lot of contacts and only existed on a server at a remote site. This made all those contacts be read over the WAN.

    Also, if you are in cached mode with a large ost, I have seen "This file has not been closed properly, a data check will be performed". Outlook immediately starts scanning the ost for errors. The process brings all but the newest quad core workstations with 10k drives to their knees. That is about the only scenario where I could see 15-30 minute imports.

    So i guess the question is, are you in cached mode, with a large OST file, getting the "Outlook was not closed properly messages"?



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      Slow Startup

      Thanks for the quick reply Gary!
      There are no error messages, the user's Outlook is in Online mode, and she has only a dozen or so contacts. The exchange server is local and the public folders have approximately 20-30 contacts since the company primarily uses CRM software to manage contact information.
      Shoretel, CRM, and a Document Management System are all add-ins to Outlook, but it is the Shoretel executable that is eating up all the CPU and memory with each reboot.


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        MAPI import

        What version of ST are you running?