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  • Voicemail to .wav file

    Hey guys! I did this once and I can't remember how I did it and I've formatted the PC since then so I have nothing to reference. Somehow I was able to receive two notifications in my Outlook when I had a voicemail, the first would be the regular notification and the second was the exact same message but as a .wav file and I want to be able to repeat this. I have a blackberry user who would like to recieve the .wav files so he can hear his messages on his BB.

    BTW I know how to export the message to a .wav file, after the fact, but I want this to be an automatic process otherwise it is useless for mobile users.

    Any ideas? If this was as clear as mud let me know and I will elaborate.


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    For a desktop user:
    You need to make sure you have the Outlook Voice Mail Setting installed. You can use your Personal call Manager to do this. Configure Shoretel System> Outlook tab> Click install.

    Not to sure about Windows Mobile Call Manager but i think this will work.
    You need to make sure that in the shoretel director>user>personal options>Esclitaion Profiles and Other Mail Box Options. That the "Deliver Message as Email" has a check mark in it and also "Attach Wave file are selected from the drop down menu."


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      In the ShoreWare Director Portal, go to the users personal options and check the box to deliever the vm as an email, select the drop down box that says send as wav. The system will send both the notification and the wav file. you will get two emails for each vm, but crackberry users love it.