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  • No ringback when the calling party dials our main number

    Here is an interesting problem that started last week.
    When an outside caller dials our main number they hear either one ring or no rings. Thinking they are disconnected sometimes they hangup.
    The receptionist's phone does ring.

    We did not have this problem previously, in fact just recently I adjusted the number of rings to 10 on the receptionist's phone so calls do not quickly go to VM. I remember hearing the ringback when testing the configuration.
    Other than that, the phone system has not been recently worked on.

    We use a SIP trunk for all outside calls. I called my direct number to see if I got ringback when calling my direct line (via the SIP trunk). I did.
    I called the receptionist's phone's extension and I also got ringback.

    I rebooted the receptionist's phone, problem continued.
    I rebooted the voice switch the SIP trunk is on, problem continued.
    I rebooted the voice switch the receptionist's phone is on, problem continued.
    I rebooted the ShoreTel server, problem continued.

    I opened a trouble ticket with
    They ran a trace (which I have) which showed a 180 Ringing, then almost immediately a 200 OK, before the receptionist could pick up the phone. said they believed it to be a ShoreTel issue.

    I have contacted my ShoreTel support vendor, and am waiting for them to call me.
    Until then, does anyone have any ideas? And yes, I am looking for a new ShoreTel support vendor.

    ShoreTel Release: 12.6.2900.0
    Receptionist's phone: IP560g with three button boxes

    Voice Switch Info
    Boot ROM Version:
    Firmware Version: 12.6.2900.0

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    I would lean in the direction of the problem being on I had the same issue happen to me on a voice PRI. Was not a Shoretel issue. Post back what you find please..


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      I have kinda the same issue, calls comes into hunt group from a NI-2 PRI, rings to 3 phones. out of 150 calls per day, 5-10 are no ring and visual signal (blinking light) only. We have removed the hunt group, moved the main number DID directly to the receptionsist phone, replaced the phone(565G), replaced the switch(SG90) and the problem still exists. I have been working with Shoretel Tier 2 and they have me removing the spanning tree from all ports on the poe switches as the manauls sugessts removing only from the servers and shoregear switches.

      The Spanning Tree Protocol (also known as IEEE 802.1D) is used to prevent network loops between redundant network paths. Although this is a useful protocol in network switch to switch connections, it should not be enabled on the port of an endpoint device such as a PC or a ShoreGear switch as it can cause adverse network behavior.

      Depending on the type of network switch in use, spanning tree should either be completely disabled or “Portfast Mode” should be enabled on each Ethernet port that a ShoreGear switch is connected to.

      Anyway, this is my experiance to date and any other info sure would be helpful as well.

      ShoreTel 8
      Build 13.9.9403.0


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        I just went through this a couple of weeks ago with a Shoretel 8 system and Paetec iPath SIP service. We had no ringback when using G729a. In fact, when running G729a, we had a high incidence of switch reboots on the SIP Trunks switch (120 Trunks).

        The switch reboots and lack of ringback were related. There's no such thing as ringback on G729a (according to ShoreTel), so the ringback didn't happen. The problem was compounded by the fact that the ShoreTel switch was attempting to generate the ringback on all the different invited CODECs *except* PCMU (G.711). This caused BAA crashes on the Trunk switch.

        The resolution was two-fold, at least for me. First, Shoretel has a new release that addressed the ringback generation in the switches. That release is 13.10.4203.0 (for Version 8). Second, I used my InGate Siparator to restrict the CODEC's in the invites to G729, PCMU, and Telephone-event. Once these changes were implemented, we have ringback and no crashes.

        Hope this helps.



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          Thanks everyone for the input.
          I will post when I have a solution.


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            There was no real solution.
            Work around is to use "Transfer to Extension" instead of "Go to Extension" so people would hear "Connie" say "Please wait while I transfer your call."
            Still have not received a good explanation as to why it stopped working in the first place.