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  • Contact Center IVR Port light

    When I start CC the IVR port led stays at yellow trying to connect. The ACD and PBX light are both green. Any Ideals why this is happening? CC 4.66

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    IVR port light

    I think that the IVR port doesn't go green if you forgot to install the remote server on the CC machine.
    Another option is if you defined route points for IVR in the shoreware director but no in the cc director.

    Hope this helps.


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      Have you set up the IVR ports on the CC yet?


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        When I try and add the ports via system ivr ports, I select the card type and try saving it tell me I need to enter a name. When I enter a names and try and save it still tell me to enter a name.


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          Whenever we have to reboot our Contact Center server, I always have to restart the ShoreTel-DTASSvc service and wait about 30-45 seconds on the server before logging in and launching the Contact Center software. Try it and see if that helps you out at all.