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  • Escalation profile with > 10 steps

    My office has a pretty long list of techs, mgrs, SUPER mgrs, etc that they want to be notified in the case of a scenario requiring escalation. Does anyone know of a way to get more than 10 steps (i.e. more than 10 people notified)?
    I don't quite understand why an administrator can configure up to 9 escalation profiles per user, but you can only assign one escalation profile per call handling mode. Am I missing something, or am I limited to 10 steps per call handling mode here?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry OP but what is escalation. I am trying to learn about our system and would love any help you can offer.


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      Escalation allows you to setup rules for events/voicemails.

      for example, we have an after hours support line. It is a hunt group that rings a ton of phones internally. If no one answers they person calling leaves a voicemail.

      The escalation profile then starts on step 1. Step 1 is to call the lower level persons cell phone. If answered, if gives them the option of listening to the voicemail.

      If step 1 fails, it goes through the rest of the steps (calling higher and higher managers cell phones) until someone answers. The higher it goes, the more "hell" there is to pay.

      The CEO doesn't like getting support escalation calls.


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        I have to shamelessly BUMP this back to the top since my thread kind of got hijacked and is taking a different path than initially intended. If anyone knows of a solution to my scenario I'd greatly appreciate input.


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          It did get sidetracked didn't it.

          How many steps are you wanting to go through? I know it can loop/repeat your 10 steps a ton of times. You actually want to notify more than 10 people if necessary.

          How many more?

          just curious


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            Actually 14 different people. Ideally one profile would 'roll' to the next, but that functionality doesn't appear to exist.