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  • Help with some Definitions

    I am reading the Admins guide that is on the ShoreTel server. The server is up and running currently and I do not have a test system to play with any functionality. I am trying to figure out a flow of how I should set up the system. Our director posed a certain flow on how incoming calls should be handled. Here is how it works:

    1.) Incoming Call
    2.) Based on Time of Day call either gets routed to a receptionist if she is available or routed to a greeting where the user selects which workgroup they want to reach. If the call comes in during off hours the user can request to be routed to an extention or they reach the receptionist voicemail.
    3.) If the call is received during on hours the system will allow for user input so the call can be routed to the appropriate destination such as sales or tech support or voice mail or a dial by name directory.
    4.) If no one is logged in call goes to voice mail.
    5.) If someone is logged in and someone is available it goes to the Agent.
    6.) If the agent is logged in and unavailable the call goes to next on queue.

    Reading through the shoretel admin guide there is no step by step to setting up a standard phone network. Huntgroups Workgroups Route Points are all listed but there is no flow on how things should be setup. Basically I am looking for some direction and I will read and attempt to understand till I am blue in the face but without the direction I am lost in another hfmanual with everything line itemed but no direction ;/.

    Help Please.

    And yes I did use the search function to research workgroups. I know that is what I need to use but did not see anything that helps me in the right direction.

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    the documentation provided on the shoretel support site is a little easier to digest then the documentation that ships with the server. it is layed out a little better imho.


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      Call Routing

      There are a bunch of ways to skin that cat.

      I would think that a Receptionist Hunt group would be at the start. It could have a schedule. If on schedule it rings the receptionist(s) in the hunt group. If off hours it would go to a recording saying you are closed or whatever.

      If the hunt group doesnt answer after x rings it could go to an auto attendent with options for other workgroups, etc. Your auto attendent menus could say, press 1 for account services, 2 for tech support, etc.

      The rest sound to me like simple workgroups.

      I personally would make sure that the receptionist hunt group had enough people in it that someone would always answer. What we did is program a button on everyones phone. If the receptionist phone rings more than a few times anyone in the area can hit the lit up button and answer the phone. We put a phone in the lobby that no one uses, just to ring. So everyone in the area can hear it. It only rings if the real receptionist doesnt answer after 2 rings.


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        did that make any sense to you and/or help?


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          it does make sense. my only concern is setting up the backend on a live system and then implementing it so that the phones never see downtime. the alternative solution would be to implement everything in the evening but is it possible to leave the workgroups setup up and then switch the trunking over or how would i accomplish that portion of the task?


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            some of the more advanced guys on here might be able to help you.

            I wouldn't make changes of that scope during work hours. I would wait until a holiday or afterhours....