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  • Office Anywhere options

    We are using a ShoreTel demo kit from our vendor to test some features before making a purchase decision. The kit is running 6.1 and I am testing external assignment. It works great, but I have been told that the user can enter a key code on their external phone that will allow them to transfer the call to another internal extension. Is this really possible? If so what is the key code to transfer? And what other call-control options exist for users on externally assigned calls?


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    External Assignment

    I believe that is true.

    ** + destination + ##

    However, if you are currently doing a demo of the shoretel product do yourself the justice of looking at something newer than 6.1

    Many of the really amazing features didn't even exist in 6.1

    Many people using external assignment are at home. When they are at home many of these same people have citrix, vpn, or other remote type access. If they have this access, they can run the full PCM software. That gives them complete control just as if they were in the office.

    I have heard that very shortly there will be a version of the real 560 phone that has a built in VPN client or something... basically you could send a real 560 phone to an employees house.


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      I am anxious to get my hands on a demo kit with version 8, but it's not available from our vendor yet. The issue we have is at least one of our high profile users won't bother to control his calls from PCM. He is a phone guy through and through and doesn't want to be bothered with using his laptop to manage calls. The VPN-integrated 560 would be a nice compromise, but I'm concerned about the call reliability and quality over the public internet.


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        I'd be asking my vendor why they are selling the system with software that is 2 major releases behind.