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  • Speakers Ringing

    I recently had an issue with one of the receptionists PC's. Her Call Manager would seemingly become disconnected from the server and her Outlook would freeze up at the same time. The only fix would be to do a hard boot and although that would sort it out the problem would just reoccur. After trying various uninstall/re-installs I formatted her entire PC and reloaded everything. This has worked except now her PC speakers ring whenever someone on the system receives a call, transfers a call or starts a conference. My solution was to turn her PC speakers off but that doesn't really fix the issue.

    Any ideas? She is running XP SP3 (SP3 may be part of the problem) and her build is 12.14.8701.0.

    I've done this on all the other computers (users and operators) and never experienced this problem.


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    In Extension Monitor, select Options and uncheck Alert on Activity. You may also want to disable Call Manager sounds from the main window by selecting Options > uncheck Enable Sounds.


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      Thanks for the help!