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  • Two Greetings: One for No Answer, One for Busy

    I can't find anyway to do this but thought I'd run it past you all before being 100% certain.

    Just did a demo for a potential customer and he only wants to take one call at a time. Doesn't even want a second call to ring his phone. Then, he wants the system to answer with one greeting if he doesn't answer and a second, different greeting, if he is on his line.

    Nortel Meridian M1's had this type of setting but I can't see anyway to duplicate it on the ShoreTel. Personally, I don't see any need to have two different greetings like this but he thinks it's 'cool'.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Use a huntgroup. Set the call stack to 1 and then point the caller to a different auto attendant for each situation.


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      So, let me see if I got this straight:

      -Create an extension only for the ShoreTel phone and user
      -Create a hunt group with that user as the only member and a call stack depth of 1
      (here's where I get a little lost)
      -Create two auto attendant menus or create two mailbox onlys? Creating two mailbox onlys would make sense cause then I could forward on call stack full to one mailbox and no answer to another mailbox.


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        Yes, that will work....