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  • line pickup

    we have several users who pickup others peoples extensions from time to time. The problem is when they put the person on hold for whatever reason, the person reverts back to the phone of the person they originally called
    ie. bob calls susie but susie is away from her desk so amanda picks up susie's line from her phone. She puts bob on hold and the on hold reverts back to Susie's phone so Amanda thinks she has dropped Bob... why and what do I do to change the behavior?

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    anyone seen this?


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      hello? chirp chirp (sound of crickets)


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        I tested, and couldn't get it to do that. Caller stayed on hold for over 3 min. Also, you will not get a response if someone doesn't know the answer. That is why you will receive so many views but no replies. You don't want to read through a bunch of replies of "I don't know".

        Just FYI.
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          This sounds like a Park Timeout. Check the value under Call Control > Options and see if it matches what you are experiencing.


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            I think that is exactly the solution... thanks a bunch


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              Ok. Park and Hold are 2 different things. I can understand that if you put a call on park for someones extension because they were away from their desk that you would get the call back. But if you pickup someones call and you put them on "hold" they it will stay there forever.....