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  • Call Manager 7.5 Hanging


    We have call manager 7.5 (build 121.13.1328.0) installed on our reception PC.

    We have an intermittent issue whereby on receipt of an incoming call, the call manager software appears to freeze. E.g the receptionist will typically answer the phone via handset and the various call options - "Transfer", "To VM" to "mailbox" are greyed out as if unavailable. After some time (this can be up to one minute) the call options in bold and are available.

    There is no consitency to this issue. The receptionist is classed as an operator and is part of a workgroup. The PC itself is running XP sp 2 and has an excellent specification 2Gb Ram, dual core processor etc.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem with call manager hanging.

    I have checked the CPU, Task manager and perfmon of the machine at the time of the issue and there is nothing obvious going on.

    We are running Mcafee Virus Scan 8.5 if this has anything to do with it.

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    If your running a build of software that old, I would suggest you upgrade to the latest 12.15.1800.0 your on a Very old and original CR build of PCM / SHoretel.

    If your SHoreTel Director is new then the PCM version then choose update in the Help portion on the Call manager. There were many issue with PCM / Call manager and bugs in those early releases.

    There is no telling what is hanging your PCM, have you uninstalled the product and reinstalled it, is there any method to the lock up, meaning does it lock when another program launches

    is there a firewall Spyware or any other 3rd part y CRM installed? that may have installed another TAPI device Driver?

    All IN all My first suggestion is to get off that very old version of Shoretel


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      Is there somewhere I can find a list of builds and (possible) issues with that build? Say an Excel spreadsheet? I think this would be a great reference.


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        Same Issue

        I am running Build 12.15.1800.0 and am having the same problem with the operator call manager. At random it will freeze its happing at least 4 times a day. I am working with my support partner for a resolution and we’ll see. I setup another user as a test and she also is having the same issue.