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  • Night bell options?

    We recently installed a ShoreTel system and have had problems with our night bell from the begining. Everything seems to be working fine on the ShoreTel side, the problem exists on how we amplify the signal coming from the system. We currently have a external speaker/amp from Radio Shack. You can use either 9v battery or an AC adapter. If we use the battery, the volume has to be turned all the way up for it to generate a decent sound. It does sound good there, but we eat through a battery in fours days. If we use the AC adaptor, we get a nasty buzzing sound as we turn the volume up. Tired a set of speakers as well with the same result.

    What are others using as far as a night bell. The real function of our night bell is to alert our call center when an emergency call comes through.

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    Night bells are tough to diagnose, that buzzing your hearing is more then likely battery or bleed from the Power supply.

    I would try shielded pair to the Bell itself and make sure its grounded properly.

    Make sure your jack into the SG itself is correctly wired.

    I prefer burning a ext only and setup a anaolog bell instead of the Default Port