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  • CDR Data export to .MDB file, is this possible?

    First off, I need to know if it is even possible to push out the CDR data to be able to import into access. I have a customer ran a custom report with his CDR data prior to his upgrade to 7.5. Now, we are trying desperately to figure out a way to get this data out for one, and then to export as a .MDB file or import into access. And yes, I am the guy who knows nothing about MySQL. The TAC has referred me to the Admin Guide, Appendix C, pages C-5 thru C-7, but that is not making a whole lot of sense to me.

    Thanks for any ideas, have a nice day guys!

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    I have used MySQL Administrator GUI tools with very good success although you will need to go through a intermediary stage because it does not convert directly to Access (.MDB). Through Mysql query browser, you can export easily to Excel which then can be converted in Access to its native DB or read from Excel right to the reporting function of Access.
    The only "gotcha" I see is if they significantly changed the schema (file layout) from the Jet database to MySQL.
    Here is the link to download the tools:
    MySQL :: MySQL GUI Tools Downloads
    Here are some shareware solutions:
    Access Mysql Converter Software


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      Man BBateman that is great! I will be trying this soon (few days), this is going to be a life saver. Have a great day!!!