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  • IP 265 Question

    Hey guys, does anybody know if the 265's support bluetooth or is that the 565's only?

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    IP565's ONLY! Sorry.


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      I wish my 265 had Bluetooth.


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        Just an FYI-

        We have 5 - 565's in our call center and have abandoned the bluetooth functionality.
        A couple of the issues we have had include random unpairing at the beginning of a conversation and about a second delay in connecting the call. We first thought that it was a headset problem since our ST partner told us that they were not having any of those symptoms. We eventually bought headsets from the three big manufactures (Motorola, Jabara, Plantronics) with the same result.
        We have since replaced our bluetooth headsets with regular wireless headsets and life is good again.

        IMHO, the 565 is still buggy, especially in a high volume environment. We are on 7.5... maybe 8.0 is better.

        Just my $0.02


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          Bluetooth does experience lag and the volume levels are up/down, hopefully ShoreTel works these issues out.


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            I was using a Alcatel Blue tooth on my 565 with absolutely no issues what so ever.

            I paid about $60 for it, I refuse to use an $10 BT ya get what ya pay for.

            My suggustion is to get on the latest ST 8 or ST 7.5 and buy the best BT you can afford, paying $20 for a BT is like buying flat tires as spares

            Also a subnote, The BT functionality does not support Dual Pairing in ST, it is on the road map I am told