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  • Shoretel voicemail message

    How do you disable your call is being forwarded to a Shoretel voicemail system?

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    Originally posted by kenh View Post
    How do you disable your call is being forwarded to a Shoretel voicemail system?
    Pay Pro services to change it :_cool:

    There is no way to do this, it is a copyrighted prompt, check with your ShoreTel TAC engineer or partner for info on how to get this down.


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      It is not that hard.

      Simply record a greeting and it goes away.


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        Originally posted by vance@joynertelephone View Post
        Simply record a greeting and it goes away.
        I believe he is speaking about when the call is forwarded prior to the Name or Greeting announcement. ShoreTel has a default
        your call is being forwarded to a ShoreTel voicemail system
        then it announces the name.

        It is one of the canned prompts. Unless I am mistaken, which happened once in my life so far :chinese:


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          Yes, Jlorenz that's what I'm talking about, so since it's a canned prompt it can't be changed?


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            I mean it can't be disabled not changed?


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              I had a customer a few years ago who requested this. ShoreTel TAC sent me instructions to create a registry key on the VM server ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Shoreline Teleworks\Voicemail sorry I can't remember the DWORD they had me create). This was on 6.x, but I'm sure it's just as easy with 7.x


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                Originally posted by kenh View Post
                I mean it can't be disabled not changed?
                It can be, you need to speak with TAC, in some cases as mentioned a reg edit will suffice, however, many of the prompts are copyrighted and cannot be removed its branding I beleieve. That is a cost premium by Pro Services,


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                  We had this done on a 7.5 a few weeks ago. Its as John said. That particular prompt is part of the branding and will have to be removed by professional services. Its a minor fee to take it out, a much bigger fee to change it to something else. Plus if you change it to something else then you have to have it changed over and over again everytime you upgrade.


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                    I think Vance has the correct no-cost answer on this one. If you record a greeting (whether or not you record a name), the caller will not hear the default ShoreTel message. If you record a name only, and not a greeting, or if you don't record either, the caller will hear the default ShoreTel greeting, followed by the name (or extension number if no name recorded).

                    I can't make our system play the default Shoretel greeting when a greeting has been recorded for the extension. On version 7 that is.

                    Part of the problem is that the ShoreTel system does not ask the user to record a greeting when they first login to their mailbox. It only asks them to record their name. They have to navigate the menus to record a greeting.

                    Oh, and by the way, you'll need to record a greeting for every call handling mode that you intend to use as well.