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  • Button Box

    We have some button boxes that are are showing red on some of them and noone is on the phone and not in a call handling mode other than standard. Any ideas on why they would show that?

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    No idea why it would do that, but we've had IP560 phones act similarly when monitoring an extension. The problem was usually corrected by either rebooting the SG switch that the phone is assocated with, or moving the phone from that switch to another. Rebooting the phone does not help.

    It seems that the button status gets hung-up in the switch, and either of the above actions normally clears it.


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      What version of SHoretel are you using?

      There where issue with this in older releases

      Also, make sure that the Button Box is installed correctly as per the Install for BB24, you cannot daisy the BB off a IP phone (Very Important)

      Also the BB, the controlling IP Phone, the monitored Phones on the BB all need to be on the Same SG switch, Same SIte

      Yes I know ops:


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        rebooting it worked~


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          Originally posted by esnelson16 View Post
          rebooting it worked~
          Band aid fix

          Issue is the CCO status, it will return eventually.

          Make sure the points I made in previous post are checked.


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            Have you made sure that the BB and the assigned IP phone are on the same switch? We were having the same issue and putting all the phones on the same switch fixed it.

            Good luck!