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  • Odd PCM issue, dialing by name actually dials numbers?


    I have a ticket open with Shoretel on this one, but I thought I'd ask here in case anyone has seen this before. This is actually related to a post I started a while ago, but I have new information now.

    In the 8.0 CR release of PCM, if I type in a partial of a name and hit the enter key, it does not dial the first match it finds. I always have to down-arrow to highlight a name and then hit enter.

    So I just upgraded to the latest 8.0 CR per Shoretel tech's recommendation to see if it has been resolved. Now in this release, when I enter in 7 letters of a person's name and hit enter, it will convert the letters to numbers as you see them on the dial pad, and then grab an outside trunk and try to dial that number. So it appears that it is trying to do a dial by name instead of looking up the name in the contacts and using that number.

    Anyone experience this before? Is there a setting somewhere that is turned on that does this?

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    I know this is an old post, but has anyone figured out a solution to this?

    We have staff transferring customers to our support group by inputting "support" in the PCM dialing field, but then dials an outside number. We've probably lost tons of accounts because of this.

    Is there a way to disable this feature or to not allow dialing alphanumerically?


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      I think it not highlighting like that is the intended function.

      We are running 9.2 and it reports that the number is formatted incorrectly when I try to use letters to dial things like that. So you could upgrade to 9/10 and see if that fixes the problem.