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  • Ring tone not working

    Hello Guy n Gals

    I have followed the procedure to download the ringtone on the phone.
    I can see that the phone downloads it during the restart but I cannot actually hear it when I am choosing my ring tone. I have moved the order of the ringtone with the commands L/rxx but it is still does not play. The red light flashes once (265 model) when I choose the custom ringtone but there is no audio from the speaker phone.
    This might not be related but we did also have problems with MOH.
    Any ideas ??



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    Try my last two posts in this thread. The problem you describe is the same one I've been having.

    In particular, the very last post. Basically, open it up in a non-Vista Sound Recorder (just the basic Microsoft thing) and then:

    File >> Save As
    clicked on Change (next to Format)
    Changed the format to CCITT u-law

    I'm sure there's a way to do it in Audacity correctly, but I've given up trying to figure it out when this final step fixes the final problem.


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      Did you try the CTU ringtones? There was a lot of work put into them. They do work.


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        Ringtones works but not both strings

        Thanks, the ctu's work and so does the batman.wav file. I haven't tried the rest yet.
        So I am doing the process correctly but it is just the formatting of the wav file.
        Can you go through what you used to format the files correctly?
        I have noticed that it works for me if I only have one WaveRinger string. If I add a second string it does not work. I have chosen the ring 4 as an example.
        WaveRinger1 L/r14
        WaveRinger1 L/r15




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          Test your files using ringer 1

          WaveRinger1 L/rg sjkgjksdgjksgsjkgd
          WaveRinger2 L/r1 hsdghjsdgsgshjgdhjsgd

          that should tell you if it is just a syntax problem with ringer 4. I have only setup ringer 1 (the default).

          does it work properly on Ringer 1?

          I also noticed that mine say waveringer1 and waveringer2 and yours both say waveringer1